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Documentary transcription

Documentary transcription is the process of converting a video, film or footage into written or electronic text form.Our Flat Rate are very affordable $0.10/min.

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Documentary transcription services

Documentary transcription involves several methods and approaches depending on the desired output. These transcriptions are important to companies which produce audio-visual presentations e.g. Films or any motion picture. Documentary transcription aids viewers reach a better understanding of their product. The use of such transcriptions often appear in films in the form of subtitles, narrative notes and language translation.


Documentary transcriptions in caption or subtitle form are played simultaneously with the film to give a better portrayal of each action and clearly convey speaking line. This makes it easier for viewers to follow scenes and make out indiscernible lines. Captioning importance may be observed during certain situations like audio malfunction, low volume amplification or poor hearing. Captioning removes issues created by auditory concerns.

Language Translation

This type of documentary transcription often applies to audio-visual outputs of worldwide production. By transcribing the audio-visual from the original language, it could be later on translated unto desired languages suited to the target viewer's preference. Thus, eliminating lapses in communication and widening the range of viewership.

Narrative notes

On the other hand, a narrative note carries a unique intention which is directed towards the narrator. These notes contain important and key factors that assists the narrator during presentation. The goal is for the narrator to use these guides and cues to optimize viewer impression and comprehension.

Documentary transcription is not limited to audio-visual presentations. The following services are also related to it. Audio transcription, transcription involving pure audio converted to text. Video transcription, transcription involving video converted to text.