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TV Transcription

Aside from the different transcription services that we offer, we also have a fast turnaround time with a $0.10/min for audio, interview, video, digital, voice, entertainment, business, podcast and sermon transcriptions.

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TV Transcription services

The Today TranscriptionCompany is a company that gives you the best TV transcription services available in the world today.

Our team also welcomes our first time customers with a free 5-minute trial so you can test and see what our team is capable of. We also transcribe different formats of audio and video files – mp3, wma, wmv, mkv, and many other formats.

Variety of different TV program transcriptions:

  • TV show transcription
  • TV Drama Transcription
  • TV series transcription
  • TV Interview Transcription
  • Talk shows Transcription and all type of media transcriptions

Transcribing Services

We also have a $2/min fee for our legal transcription. Our TV transcriptionistsare not only experienced, they also know the importance of confidentiality in this line of work. Our transcribers also make it a point that the audio and video files are secured.

We also make sure that give our customers the transcription that they needed within the time we promised to give the transcription. The Today Transcription also gives you the assurance of 98% accuracy in its transcriptions. Aside from the transcription, we also make sure that we check all of our transcriptions.

This includes the legal transcriptions that is being checked by the experts when it comes to legal matters. As of today, we have toll free numbers for United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Having offices in different countries help us come to your aid 24/7.